Rainy Days & Mondays (GF)


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Well if this isn’t the warm hug you need on a cold and rainy day…?! This wintery box has all the makings of a good day on the couch listening to the Smiths on repeat. While Rainy Days & Mondays is a nod to the power duo that is the Carpenters, this box was very nearly named ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’. Not because it’s for those less than ideal days, but because it’s the perfect selection for grey and gloomy days, listening to the beautiful patter of rain on the roof, while singing Smiths bangers quietly to your cats. Nothing beats a hot chocolate out of your new favourite cup, warming your insides like a hot beast on an icy day. With a healthy dose of chocolate on the side, of course!

  • Fraus European Hot Chocolate (assorted flavours)
  • Fraus D’Lux
  • Fraus Cup & Saucer
  • Dandies Marshmallows Mini
  • Treat Dreams Cream Egg
  • Caramel Rocky Road Fudge Bar
  • Maple & Pecan Cookie

Gluten free.

Please note: Some of these treats may contain trace amounts of gluten due to shared equipment.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 10.5 cm