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We thought it was high time we created a box to showcase the incredible artisans we have right here in Australia, and we aren’t messing about! We sampled a wide range of treats. Some of them several times – y’know, to make sure we got it right, of course – and found this was the perfect representation of all things Aussie. Not only will you be treating yourself  or someone you love to a box of heavenly treats, but you’ll be helping this small business support other small businesses. I don’t know about you, but that tastes pretty good to us!

Our all-Australian box features:

* Treat Dreams Cream Egg
* Oh My Vegan! Fudge (flavours may vary)
* Fluffy Crunch Fairy Floss (flavours may vary)
* Wheelie
* Timmy
* Tammy
* Milk Bar Mix 200g
* Aussie Animals Mix 200g
* Kresho

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Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 10.5 cm