We Can Be Heroes (Pay It Forward)


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It’s a pretty tough time out there in the world of pandemics and lockdowns. If you are able to, why not shout someone in need of some support a nice gift? There are a lot of people struggling that have been reaching out for help, with not a whole lot to look forward to right now.

What’s in it for you? The most important thing of all – knowing you’ve made someone feel cared about. If the receiver is happy to, we can share their story with you (but not names – anonymity is a given unless both parties agree otherwise). We are happy to write a note on your behalf to the recipient, and I’ll keep a record of who has given who what, so there won’t be double ups. It’s also nice if the recipient would like to get in touch with you and thank you personally. Again – no details will be given unless both parties agree and we are more than happy to pass on messages in any case.

Just pop your own postal details in at checkout to cover the postage – I promise this box will not be sent to your address. You can add in any note you want me to include with your box in the order notes, and I’ll be happy to oblige!

Thanks so much in advance for giving people something to smile about. You are so, so appreciated. XO


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